Now Playing: Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer (2011-2017)

Ascension is a collectible card game that may look a bit similar to Magic: The Gathering, but other than it being a fantasy-themed card game, it’s actually quite different. You don’t get lands or creatures, you just take whatever cards you get each turn and use them all up, trying to make the best use of whatever magic points, attack points, spells, and etc, that you can before the next turn when you get a whole new hand. Instead of directly attacking the other player, you both compete to gain the best cards and defeat the strongest enemies from the ever-changing center row, until the set number of max points runs down to zero, at which point, whoever has gained the most points wins.

Let me tell you, you’re not going to find a better card game than this for your phone, period. It’s easy to pick up, but has a lot of complex strategy that you can use to your advantage if you learn its ways. The touchscreen interface is amazingly simple and effective. Best of all, this is not one of those fucking free to play games where you can only gain powerful cards by countless hours of grinding or paying out the ass, no, in Ascension there are simply a selection of static sets of cards. Naturally, they all cost money (except the original set, which is still free SO FUCKIN TRY IT), but they’re only about 2-4 bucks each, and once you buy one, that’s it, no grinding or pay-to-win bullshit, you just have all the cards in the set forever. You can play each individual set or mix and match some or all of them together if you want. Play against the AI at varying lengths and difficulties or play online against random people if that’s what you’re into.

I’ve been playing this here and there for 6 years now, over the span of three separate devices, and they’re still making interesting new expansions, with all new cards and mechanics, and I’m still not tired of it. In fact, their latest expansion, War of Shadows, just came out and all the old expansions are on sale for 99 cents each, so now is a damn good time to check this game out.