Now Playing: Black Crypt (1992)

Black Crypt is the obscure first game by Raven Software, makers of a big pile of amazing classic games like Heretic, Hexen, Soldier of Fortune, X-Men Legends, Singularity, etc, etc, etc. More games than I want to list here. There’s so many that I still haven’t played a few of them, but every one I have has been fun as hell. Hell, these are the guys that even made a fun game based on that pile of shit Wolverine: Origins movie.  Anyway though, back to the point…Black Crypt was a dungeon crawler that only ever came out on Amiga and who the hell even had one of those? I mean I’m not knocking it. If you look into it they seemed to have had a surprisingly good line-up of games and an interesting early-PC-like UI, but never in my life have I met someone that had one. Amiga emulators have proven to be a huge pain in the ass for me in the past too. Luckily there are some wonderful people out there who took it upon themselves to make a bunch of automatic Amiga games contained in single executables with no installation or setup required. (Manual not included though. Get that here.)

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