Now Playing: The Brookhaven Experiment (2016)

The Brookhaven Experiment is basically a 360 degree horror shooting gallery. You stand in a fixed place and spin around, fighting off hordes of increasingly bizarre and difficult creatures. You have a knife or a flashlight in one hand and a gun or a thrown weapon in the other. You can find new weapons and items hidden throughout the levels. That’s…really all there is to it.

It’s very simple, but effective. The creatures and environments look great. Like all of these VR games, 2D videos just can’t do the visuals justice. The gameplay is mostly very functional, with the exception of some aiming/firing glitches that occur when you spin around into just the wrong place where the motion controller briefly enters a blind spot. It’s another short game, with a campaign that only lasts maybe 4-5 hours, though there is also a survival mode to mess around with. It doesn’t have the tight production of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (which I played before this, but forgot to record. Great little game!), but it is way heavier on action and challenge. There’s really not much else to say about it. *shrug*