Now Reading: Chew


Chew is the story of Tony Chu, a special agent who can get psychic readings off of anything he eats. He lives in a world where chicken is outlawed, food-related psychic powers are popping up all over the place, and the FDA and USDA have taken over as the primary law-enforcement agencies. It’s actually even weirder than it sounds.

Tony has a crazy family with powers of their own, a bisexual cyborg partner, a boss that hates him, and a food-crazy Serbian vampire for an arch-enemy. He works on cases involving an alien fruit that tastes like chicken and grants visions, genetically engineered hallucinogenic frog/chicken hybrids, and anti-chicken death cults, and it’s still even weirder than it sounds.

For the most part all the insanity plays out in a light-hearted, almost cartoonish tone, but there’s a surprisingly complex plot tying it all together that suddenly gets pretty dark and serious at times. It’s an absolutely insane and unique saga that I think has been one of the best Image titles of the last several years, and it’s nice to read it all in one shot now that the story is finally over (and all the hardcovers are out).