Now Reading: Continuity Comics (1984-1994)

Continuity Comics was a strange, but fascinating (at the time) looking publishing line back in the day, founded by Neal Adams, best known for being an ahead-of-his-time comic artist in the late 70s/early 80s, and later for turning out to be a complete maniac that thinks that the Earth is hollow and constantly expanding like a big balloon. I remember reading an issue of Armor when I was a kid and thinking it was cool because it had some pretty nice art and was oddly graphically violent for its time. Oddly enough, it was years before I ever saw another issue of the series on sale anywhere so I couldn’t have really gotten into Continuity at the time, even if I tried. This was in part due to the low number of issues printed which brought a lack of availability. Also, as it turns out, they had some truly awful release schedules. The first volume of Armor ran for only 13 issues, but was apparently spread out over SEVEN YEARS. How in the world did they keep this company going for 10 years? It makes even less sense when you try to actually read the stuff.

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