Movie Night IV: Son of Movie Night

Star Wars: A New Hope Despecialized (1977)starwarsMan, I don’t even remember the last time I watched these. Saw them so many times back in the day that I got kind of burnt out on them. If you haven’t heard about these Despecialized versions yet, they’re high end fan edits of the original movies in near high definition, but minus all the fuckin awful special edition additions. These are the highest quality versions of the original unaltered trilogy there are. While the effects in this one are noticeably weaker than the sequels it still holds up pretty well for how old it is. There are some minor issues that is completely forgotten about like Luke being so whiny, Leia having a bad British accent for some reason, and an embarrassingly bad Obi Wan/Vader light saber fight, but it’s still a fun movie overall.

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