Now Reading: Snow Crash

What a great book. Snow Crash is a cyberpunk adventure with an interesting twist, that ancient Sumerian language and it’s strange programming-code-like structure could be used as a form of sinister mind control on the cyberspace-dwelling denizens of a dystopian future. This premise alone was enough to get me interested, but what really made it such an effective story was the cleverly crafted world and the unusually sarcastic and sometimes satirical approach to it.

This is a world where the main character is named Hiro Protagonist (yes, really). Hiro starts off as a down on his luck cyberspace hacker who is also a samurai and a pizza delivery man for the mafia. He quickly loses this job though, as he finds himself wrapped up in a grand conspiracy involving the previously mentioned Sumerian-based threat that seems to suddenly be plaguing the hacking community. This threat is known as Snow Crash, and oddly enough it seems to be both a virus in cyberspace and a drug in the real world.

Hiro needs to find out what the connection is and what this mysterious new threat means for the world, and along the way he’ll need to navigate the suburb city-states, sacrifice zones, and other strange real world locations, explore the wild world of cyberspace, and learn a lot about the strange religious and linguistic history of the ancient Sumerians. It’s quite a strange tale and it’s full of fittingly colorful characters and a lot of very clever and compelling details about what a dystopian future might look like.

An utterly fascinating story that consistently kept me excitedly interested. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with any interest in cyberpunk.

Now Playing: Crusader: No Remorse (1995)/Crusader: No Regret (1996)

  Ahhhh Crusader. One of the best old PC games from one of the best old PC game companies…Origin! Hey, yeah, remember when Origin was a division of EA that made fucking amazing games like the Wing Commander series, Bioforge, Cybermage, and etc. etc., and not the name of their shitty Steam knock off service for some reason? Of course you don’t, because I am fucking old. Anyway, Crusader was a crazy sci-fi action adventure game. One of the biggest things that set it apart from other such games was how destructible everything was.

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Now Playing: Technobabylon (2015)

Technobabylon is the latest point and click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games. If you’re not familiar with them, they are THE adventure game company of modern times. Their games are always extremely solid and true to the classic adventure game formula, minus the maddening, absolutely nonsensical and counter-intuitive puzzle solutions of the old days. They were behind great modern day classics like Gemini Rue, Primordia, the Blackwell series, Resonance, and more, and this latest addition to their impressive gaming resume definitely does not disappoint.

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Now Playing: Bloodnet (1993)

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Bloodnet is a game about a Gibson-esque cyberpunk city, with a little bit of a vampire problem, that can best be described as a combination of a point and click adventure and an rpg. Your main character is Ransom Stark; a hacker/mercenary/whatever who takes the wrong job and ends up being bamboozled by Draculas who want your friend’s special Incubus program. The only thing keeping you from turning into one yourself is your trusty neural implant, but it can only hold the infection off for so long so you’d better hurry up and find a way to foil the plans of the head vampire, oddly named Van Helsing, and find a cure somehow, which also somehow requires the previously mentioned Incubus program.

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Now Playing: Burn:Cycle (1994)

After The Last Dynasty left such a bad taste in my mouth (shut up), I felt that I needed to balance things out by playing another obscure Windows 3.1 game, but this time a good one. At least that’s what I hoped. I had never played this one before now either. Always wanted to, but it just never came up. My PC wasn’t cool enough to handle it back in the day and the only other system it was ever on was CD-i and who the fuck had a CD-i?

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