Now Reading: Nameless (2015)


This was basically marketed as “Cthulhu in space”, which I suppose is accurate enough to describe the theme of the book as briefly as possible. The truth of it is actually even stranger, with the concepts of elder gods, modern gods, and the afterlife, given a bizarre and terrifying sci-fi secret origin. Burnham’s art is absolutely perfect for this story and he brings some amazingly surreal and disturbingly hellish imagery to the table. While I didn’t think the pacing was quite as perfect as Annihilator and the ending was a bit muddier (in fact I’d love to discuss the ending with anyone who’d like to, I say as if I have readers), it’s still highly entertaining and memorable. A book I’m very glad to have in my collection.

Now Reading: Annihilator (2015)

I don’t usually bother to write about such short stories, but this one left such an impression on me that I felt the need to immediately discuss it. Annihilator is a story about a writer, Ray Spass, who is dying of a brain tumor and trying to finish his last and greatest work about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero and deal with his hidden feelings of guilt over his failed relationship. Or…Annihilator is a story about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero, Max Nomax who has beamed his volatile memories into the mind of an Earth writer for safekeeping, as part of his latest mad escape plan. Or..Annihilator is a commentary on the perils of fame and/or the entertainment business, and the nature of life, and…maybe all just a weird sci-fi religious allegory too? Or…Annihilator is a story about all of these things…or none of them? Continue reading

Now Reading: Zenith (1987)

zenithAn earlier Grant Morrison work, originally printed in 2000AD, which only those lovely British people get. It’s a little rough around the edges and Zenith himself is not exactly a likable character, but it’s still a pretty good read. It’s kind of a prototype of what he did in Final Crisis, with some shifty, evil, extra-dimensional gods coming to visit Earth by inhabiting superhumans and getting into some multiverse destroying shenanigans.

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