Movie Night

Movie Night: My wife and I drink a lot and watch movies all night every Saturday, hence…movie night. NOW YOU KNOW. Anyway, I figured what the hell, I’m checking most of these in on Facebook already anyway, why not make it a thing on here and expand on it slightly. So…

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Now Playing: Halo 5 (2015)

I have heard that there is something of an uproar about Halo 5 due to its symptoms of sequel-itis, wherein a game in a series is not exactly like every previous entry of the series and so it must be a bad game (which is exactly the kind of shit I stopped visiting gaming sites over). Ok. I suppose the game has become a little more “mainstream” in design, if you can imagine such a thing being possible about a console FPS series.

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Now Playing: Halo: The Master Chief Collection (and more) Part 2

Next on the Halo world tour is, of course, Halo 3. Halo 3 is pretty similar in its shootiness to Halo 2, but with way better graphics, in theory. It’s funny, because what was originally an upgrade from old original Xbox graphics to the first title on the Xbox 360, now looks worse than the previous game thanks to the Anniversary upgrades of 1 and 2. The shootiness is definitely still intact though.

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Now Playing: Halo: The Master Chief Collection (and more) Part 1

Another whole series I need to catch up on. I never had an original Xbox and was never all that impressed with my brief, early encounters with the Halo series and so never bothered to follow the series, but what the hell, you can get the whole remastered series together for $40, might as well. Has to be better than that buggy piece of shit Dying Light, that I traded in towards it (not even going to get into that story. Just be aware: buy games from Techland at your own risk). Anyway…

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