Can we just talk about how terrible the writing in Days Gone is for a second?

It’s funny, because I finished this game a good month or so ago, yet I still find myself thinking about just how bad the writing was, so I guess you’re just going to have to hear me complain about it a bunch so I can stop being annoyed by it in my head! Probably some mild spoilers to be seen here, though honestly I don’t think anyone is going to have any surprises ruined for them by anything said/shown here since every single aspect of the plot is so painfully predictable.

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My Top 20 Horror Movies of the 80’s!

Halloween is finally right around the corner, so here, take this one last SPOOKUMS! Let me be clear, this list is not the SCARIEST horror movies, as movies don’t scare me. These are just the ones from this time period that I enjoy the most due to pure enjoyability, rewatchability, and probably a good deal of nostalgia as well.

I also avoided using more than one movie from a series just to keep things trim, and I’m sure you’ll notice that almost every movie on here is American. Well, I’m American so that’s just mostly the kind of stuff I grew up with. OH WELL! Anyway, here we go…

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