Pint N’ Play #002

Here we go again. These things are just getting longer and longer, eh? I don’t think anyone but my wife is even watching these, but whatever, it’s still fun to do and I’m going to keep doing it no matter who tries to stop me! Take that, “THE MAN”!

Games played in this one:
Legendary Wings, Jail Break, Warrior’s Fate – Rastan 3, Dragon Gun, Solar Warrior a.k.a. Xain’d Sleena, Willow, Smash TV

Pint N’ Play #000

This is a test version of my new feature where I drink and babble while I play old timey games. Inspired by my YouTube watching wife and the wonderful videos of Vinesauce Joel. I know the audio levels need some work. I recorded everything here in a single audio track like an idiot and had to scrap almost half the footage I grabbed because the voiceover in those bits was drowned out by the loud ass games. I have learned from my mistakes on this and the next ones will sound much better, but for now, I didn’t want to let some of the good stuff in here go to waste, so here ya go…

Games played this time:

Spy Hunter, Space Gun, Xenophobe, Haunted Castle, Rolling Thunder, Trojan, and Superman