Now Playing: Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (and more) Part 3

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mgs4coverWelcome to the FUTURE, where the battlefields are full of soldiers full of networked nanites and ID locked weapons and a bunch of mini-Metal Gear drones that sound like angry cows for some reason, all of which are controlled by the same computer system, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

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Now Playing: Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (and more) Part 1

It’s summer time and you know what that means. Why, it means playing just about every Metal Gear game ever made, naturally! Over the last year I’ve been slowly working towards catching up on the PS3 titles I’ve missed, one of them being Metal Gear Solid 4. Come to think of it, I never got around to playing 3 either, and I definitely never played the “real” original versions of Metal Gear 1 and 2, so hell, why not make a thing of it. Sadly, the PS3 doesn’t even have a standard screenshot feature so I can’t fill most of these with tons of my own fascinating footage. You’ll just have to settle for a few random stock photos. Oh well.

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