Console Challenge Day 4: Top 7 best NES games! (Alternate obscure game version!)

Or if you’ve already heard of all those really obvious choices in the main list, because who hasn’t by now, then try this list of lesser known NES gems instead! (And games like Strider, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter 2010, and etc should really be on here too, but I figured I’d just avoid any Capcom, Konami, or Nintendo releases and stick to the even lesser known titles) Continue reading

Favorite games from every year of my life – Part 1

Yes, it’s another one of those posts. No, I was not invited or challenged, deal with it. Yes, I am so old that I have to break this up into multiple parts, but OH WELLLLLLLL! Now on with the self-explanatory show…

These first few entries will be pretty brief since I was busy spending the first few years of the 80’s learning to walk and use a toilet and such. I did have a cousin with an Atari 2600 and a huge pile of games though, so I really did play these early ones, just not in the actual years of their release.


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