Pint N’ Play #009

Not my favorite episode. Mostly disappointment and frustration due to bad and/or broken games and one insanely difficult one at the end that managed to defeat me. Oh wellllll.

Edit: even worse of an episode, because I have instantly received multiple copyright claims on Youtube over the music in the game Undercover Cops, so I guess no one will actually be watching this until that is resolved by them dropping these claims or me editing those exact 3 minutes or so out so no one can STEAL THE UNDERCOVER COPS SONGS, which must be a big problem overseas, I’m sure. I may just have to avoid playing any more Irem games in these in the future if this is going to be an issue *shrug*. We’ll see.

Edit edit: Victory. Or really, it looks like this whole dispute was just some automatically generated response that no one actually gave a shit about. No one ever replied so I won by default. I guess maybe they win in the end, because if I have to go through this bullshit every time I want to include an Irem game in a video, it’d be easier to just not play them. On the other hand, is it not I who have won? Because honestly, Undercover Cops was a shit game and I’m probably better off not playing more like it.

Games played this time: Gunforce 2, Undercover Cops, Ikari Warriors, Victory Road (Ikari Warriors 2), and X-Multiply.

Pint N’ Play #006 – Aborted Halloween Special!

This is the semi-failed video from the day before Halloween. I had a perfect night of games all lined up, starting with House of the Dead 1-3. House of the Dead 1 was a pain in the ass to get started. I could only get it to run in a virtual XP box, and even then it wasn’t at its best. House of the Dead 3 somehow didn’t record right and I had to redo it all, because after doing 1 and 2 I didn’t want to just leave 3 out. Next was supposed to be Breakfast At Cemetery, which I’ve played and recorded before, but it didn’t end up recording. The recording didn’t work this time either, for an entirely different reason, and I will probably never play that again (fun game though). Next was going to be Silent Hill: The Arcade Game, which I found out had been ported to PC…except it doesn’t actually work properly for everyone, apparently. Couldn’t get past the first 20 minutes or so without running into an impassable glitch. I’ll try to get it running properly someday, but I sure didn’t feel like spending hours doing that at the time so I just gave up on games for the night at that point. Here is House of the Dead 1-3 though. Don’t want to let that part go to waste.

Pint N’ Play #005

Games played this time:

Virtua Cop 2, Smoking Simulator, Target: Earth, Cybernator

Things I learned since:

It IS possible to finish days in Smoking Simulator…in fact, I kinda want to play it some more now that I know what to do. One of these days. Also, take a look at names of the things in those purchase orders. I didn’t really have time to look while I was trying to rush through them, but looking back on it, there’s some crazy stuff in there.

Target: Earth and Cybernator ARE definitely actually related. They’re part of this whole Assault Suits series apparently and there are 3 more sequels, but none of them were released in the US. I’ll have to look into that…

Pint N’ Play #002

Here we go again. These things are just getting longer and longer, eh? I don’t think anyone but my wife is even watching these, but whatever, it’s still fun to do and I’m going to keep doing it no matter who tries to stop me! Take that, “THE MAN”!

Games played in this one:
Legendary Wings, Jail Break, Warrior’s Fate – Rastan 3, Dragon Gun, Solar Warrior a.k.a. Xain’d Sleena, Willow, Smash TV