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This is a surprisingly dark story from Terry Moore. Seems like every damn person in the town this takes place in is some kind of secret serial killer/abuser/rapist/necrophile/etc. As it turns out later in the story, there is a reason for that, but you’ll have to read it to find that out. This is a typically entertaining Terry Moore story, full of great black and white art and a thoroughly compelling story and cast of characters. The only downside is the same issue Echo had: this story was clearly meant to go on much longer than it did. There’s about 39 issues worth of build up and then everything (almost) is suddenly resolved in a single, final issue and it’s all over before you can even blink. It’s still a worthwhile read, but it sure would be nice to have a more natural conclusion to a Terry Moore story again. Maybe someday…

Now Reading: Echo

Picked this up when I picked up that Strangers in Paradise set the other day. It’s a pretty brief read, so not as much to say about this one. It’s an interesting sci-fi thriller, which is quite a departure from SiP, but it’s a much shorter story and it suffers a little from it, particularly in the ending where you can see many signs that the story was not intended to end this quickly.

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Now Reading: Strangers In Paradise

sip1This series is often solicited as “the greatest love story ever told” and sounds more like something my wife would have mixed in with her Jane Austen books, except also with a lot of lesbians. Oh boy, lesbian love stories, my favorite and most relatable kind of story! I don’t remember exactly when I first read this series or how I ended up reading it. I just heard a lot of good things about it, I guess, and checked it out despite it not being at all something I would typically be reading or interested in, but it turned out that it’s the kind of story that’s hard to put down once you’ve started. This is a pretty long read too. The complete series has around 2200 pages all together, many of which are very text heavy and at times just flat out switches to full prose. The original mini-series that kicks off the story is a little rougher and more wacky and cartoonish than the rest of the series generally is, and may give kind of a false impression of what this tale will be like, but it quickly becomes a highly emotional drama that, while still retaining some moments of screwball humor, is more often incredibly serious, surprisingly dark, and really, pretty depressing a lot of the time.

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