Now Playing: The Walking Dead – Michonne (2016)

The Walking Dead – Michonne is a Telltale “miniseries”. So this apparently means that it’s not only a few episodes shorter than the usual Telltale game, but each episode also feels a bit shorter and smaller than usual. I’m not sure why they went this route with this game instead of just doing a little more and making it a full “season”. I guess they were just experimenting with a possible new format, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it.

Now, this game is not bad by any means, but it definitely suffers from the compressed format. All that same Telltale formula gameplay and storytelling is there, but with all the characters and plot being so much more rushed than usual, nothing really packs the usual punch of other modern Telltale games. No one, on either the friend or enemy side, was developed enough that I was surprised or felt that I cared at all when they suddenly died, and the brief plot was too simple for any of your timed choices to really feel like they mattered, and what good is the Telltale formula without the usual twists and tensions? Again, it wasn’t an outright unpleasant experience, there are much worse ways to spend three hours, but it wasn’t particularly memorable and I definitely wouldn’t classify it as a “must play” like the full Walking Dead games.